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For over 18 years, organizations have called on Designed for Learning. Our foundation is a team of professionals with strong backgrounds both technically and experientially. Our consultants have solid training and education in their areas of expertise, as well as varied business backgrounds and their hearts are truly in their work. Our business backgrounds and experience with real business issues in real business settings build on this foundation. Our solutions are not only well-conceived and designed, but are also flexible enough to be successfully implemented in your ever-changing work environment. We won't provide you with products that, while well designed, just won't work for you.

We offer expertise and experience with less overhead than large consulting firms, yet we can utilize our network of consultants for both large and small projects. We "hit the ground running" by quickly analyzing client issues and developing customized solutions that can be implemented by your company.

Another focus of our practice is our community-based programs. These programs offer topics of special interest to government, community and church groups interested in obtaining "life skills" for handling the variety of circumstances that life brings our way.

Designed for Learning was founded in 1990 by Lori West. Designed for Learning has grown to embrace a large network of dedicated consultants who share the values established by Lori. Each of our consultants possesses the skills, knowledge and expertise required to improve performance through training and development solutions. Each of our team members brings special expertise, a breadth of experience and fresh perspectives that increase our capability to serve you. Together, we can make a difference for your organization that results in real performance!

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Strength, Flexibility and Coordination!

We bring you the whole nine yards. Yoga is an exercise that increases flexibility, coordination and keeps those nerve endings firing. Our clients' projects often require us to have flexibility, coordination and yes, even strength to help them achieve their goals.

Our approach of "going above and beyond" in the face of the unexpected (and the expected) is what we do. We do whatever it takes to make you successful and improve your peace of mind.

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