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Incorporating Mobile Learning, or mLearning, into organizational training programs is becoming "mission critical" during these tough economic times. It is becoming more and more important to productively fill available gaps in the working day. But, the understanding and adoption of practical mobile learning solutions, along with the unique development tools, deployment methods and tracking processes that make these efforts successful, have proven to be a challenge for many organizations. The biggest challenge for many teams working on the beginning mLearning efforts is the lack of an appropriate point of reference for planning developing and managing a mobile learning initiative. This is largely due to the fact that the building blocks for creating an instructor-led training class or an engaging eLearning course are actually quite different than those that comprise an mLearning deliverable. At Designed for Learning, deliver competitively priced performance solutions to help you created engaging mLearning products for your organization. Call us to discuss how we can work together on your next mLearning project.

Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning

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